Friday, March 29, 2024


 Fourth-grade math students have modified mini-golf courses for the residents at Gorham House.  These students have applied ideas from their mini-golf courses and made modifications required for residents to play golf on this tabletop version.  Gorham schools are committed to caring for the community, and students have applied the Code of Conduct's compassion to provide fun activities for Gorham House residents.

4th-grade math students continued a Maine STEM unit by learning about renewable energy in Maine.  Students created turbines that would simulate power if a tidal turbine farm were to operate off our shores.  

5th-grade math students continued their work on understanding a total solar eclipse.  They measured the scale of the size and distance of the sun, earth, and moon to each other. 


5th graders at Great Falls finished A Mango Shaped Space.  This story tells of Mia's journey with synesthesia, which is a condition that integrates different senses.  Students made origami sunglasses and decorated them to symbolize how they could see the world if they had synesthesia.  

Other 5th-grade ELA students studied Greek Mythology and created their own myths.  

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Fabulous February

5th-grade math students created their personal math operations using symbols, rules, and examples to teach their unique operations to classmates.  

4th-grade math students put on engineering hats and brainstormed ideas on modifying lobster traps to keep other sea creatures from possible entanglement in lines.  Great ideas were generated!  Some examples included using magnets, solid circle lines, lighted lines, and noise makers.  A special thank you to the Crowley family for donating their lobster trap so we could explore it.  

4th Grade ELA students created Maine Folktales.  Since folktales are passed down orally, students recorded their voices to share with Narragansett School Pre-K classes.  

4th Grade Maine Folktales

Read Across America Fun!  

Thank you, Mrs. Peters, for our fantastic door design at Great Falls!

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Welcome 2024!

Happy New Year!  We are excited about what 2024 has in store for SAIL.   

4th-grade math students finished the design and construction of their mini-golf courses.   Students created blueprints of their courses marked with right, acute, and obtuse angles, along with straight and perpendicular lines.  

5th graders finished their food truck projects.  Students invited friends to share their business plan presentation.  Mow's Munchies food truck challenged the 5th graders to create a new menu item after they toured their truck.  The Buffalo Bomb will be a tasty addition to Mow's menu this summer.  

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Words Have Power

5th-grade students had an engaging and educational experience exploring the use of figurative language in their writing.  They experimented with different types of figurative language like similes, metaphors, idioms, personification, and hyperboles to make their writing more interesting and captivating.  Students analyzed song lyrics to find examples of figurative language and defended their explanations.

4th-grade students have been exploring folktales in their recent writing projects.  As part of this exploration, students created folktales about Maine.  They were able to exercise their creativity and imagination while also improving their writing skills. 

Two Village 5th Graders in SAIL wanted to brighten up the conference room at their school.  They used their knowledge of figurative language(FL) and applied it.  They created positive messages using FL and decorated the school's conference room.  They used various types of figurative language, such as similes and metaphors.  Creating posters with such positive messages spreads joy, happiness, and positivity to others.  Students and staff will enjoy their positive messages. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

5th Graders Learn About Small Businesses

5th-grade SAIL math students had two exciting opportunities this month.  Ms. Winslow from Gorham Savings Bank and Kate Dargie from Mow's Munchies stopped by to share their knowledge about small businesses.  

From Gorham Savings Bank, SVP Director of Community Relations Becky Winslow, discussed the relationship between small businesses and banks.  She provided important feedback on the students' food truck business plans.  Students were engaged, excited, and eager to ask questions.  Ms. Winslow was so generous with her time by visiting all three elementary schools.  

The co-owner of Mow's Munchies, Kate Dargie, invited students to tour her food truck.  Kate stopped at Village, Narragansett, and Great Falls elementary schools.  Students asked questions and shared their ideas from their Open a Food Truck projects.  They talked about business plans and what it takes to run a food truck.  

Monday, November 13, 2023

Gorham Cares

 Students picked a stuffy buddy to do their work with this week.  Our classroom provided a safe and supportive space for students returning to school.

Students created stars to design a poster for the Lewiston Library to show support for their community.